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Borrowing Discovery Boxes

There are boxes of objects which may be borrowed by Carmarthenshire schools.

These contain several items which children may handle (unless otherwise stated). Their contents are restricted to items which are duplicates of items in the museums collection, safe to handle and small enough to keep in the pack. Teachers may photocopy any notes and illustrations in the pack.

Subjects include:

  • Celts
  • Romans
  • Normans
  • Tudors
  • Civil War
  • Victorian Laundry
  • Victorian Children's Clothes
  • Victorian School
  • Victorian Pit Girl
  • Home Front ARP Warden Box
  • Home Front Munitions Girl / Home Guard
  • Home Front Land Army Girl

Please Note

There is an increasing demand for these boxes, so it is advisable to book them in advance, (especially if you need one for an inspection!)

We require that the school be responsible for collecting and returning the Discovery Boxes.

Please phone Carmarthenshire County Museum on (01267) 228696 or to book a box.
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