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Educational Visits

School visits to Ceredigion Museum are free.

Enquiries and bookings:

All visits must be pre booked, including any guided sessions required.

Schools are welcome to visit the Coliseum at any time during normal opening hours (10am-5pm).

Self led visits are possible at Ceredigion Museum. Children must be accompanied by adults in the museum buildings at all times.

Schools are also asked to book any self-directed activities within the museum in advance, in order to avoid having too many schools in the building at once.

Special projects

Occasionally, Ceredigion Museum arranges projects for schools relating to special exhibitions. All schools will be informed of these in advance.

Themed Visits to the Museum
We offer a range of themed 2 hour visits with quizzes, drawing and handling objects.
Foundation Phase
Daily Life - The Iron Age Celts
Daily Life  - Aberystwyth Castle
Daily Life in the 19th Century - Mari's Washing Day
Daily Life in the 19th Century - The Cottage
Then and Now  - Toys
Then and Now - Carts, Cars, Ships and Trains
Key Stage 2
Investigating the Archaeological Evidence - Pen Dinas and The Iron Age Celts in Ceredigion
Investigating the Archaeological Evidence -Aberystwyth Castle and the Age of Princes in Ceredigion
Investigating the Archaeological Evidence -Abermagwr and the Romans in Ceredigion
Daily Life in the 19th Century - Victorian Clothes
Daily Life in the 19th Century - Carts, Cars, Ships and Trains
NEW FOR 2014! - 'Children Through Time' Visit with Medwyn the Mole Detective
A day long teacher-led key stage 2 visit around the museum, called 'Children Through Time.' This visit is an opportunity to experience what life was like for children living in Ceredigion in the 19th Century. This includes a tour of 5 displays within the museum:-
  1. Agriculture
  2. Dairy
  3. Seafaring
  4. Transport
  5. Welsh Cottage

Then finishing with a detective box challenge based on these areas where the children have an opportunity to solve a detective challenge for Medwyn the Mole Detective. Each box contains worksheets, handling artefacts and dressing-up clothes.

Click on the links below to download Medwyns’ Detective Challenges:-

  1. Blacksmith's Challenge
  2. Dairymaid Challenge
  3. Cabin Boy's Challenge
  4. Seamstress Challenge
  5. Welsh Cottage Girl Challenge
  • Download them all

Museum staff are available throughout the day to answer any questions.

It’s essential that you book beforehand for this visit.



Typical timetable for the day

10.00am Arrive at the Museum and welcome talk.

10.15am The children are divided into 3 groups. The teachers take a group each for a Fact-Finding Tour around 5 areas of the museum with explanatory notes.

10.30am Start the Fact-Finding Tour of the museum.

12.00pm Lunch. (Children to bring sandwiches and drinks)

1.00pm Children are divided into a maximum of 5 groups to take on Medwyn's Detective Challenge. Teachers briefly go through the provided instructions with the children. The challenges will be at the following exhibitions:- 1) Agriculture, 2) Dairy, 3) Seafaring, 4) Transport, 5) Welsh Cottage.

Here the children have an opportunity to complete worksheets, handle artefacts and dress-up.

1.10pm The groups go to their designated areas to start Medwyn's Challenge. They have 45 minutes. Make sure that you have one good reader in each group, even if that is the teacher in charge!

1.55pm All the children return to the Gallery.

2.00pm Children give their presentations to the other groups, telling them what they have discovered in their section of the museum.

2.30pm Leave for home.


Please Note

If you wish to take part in the all-day 'Children Through Time' visit (which includes the after lunch Detective Challenge) you will need 3 members of staff to help the children with the worksheets:-

  • Welsh Cottage, Smithy and Dairy Exhibitions (2 members of staff)
  • Seafaring and Travel Exhibitions (1 member of staff)
Your visit does not necessarily have to include the detective challenge in the afternoon. You can also opt for a morning or afternoon visit only of the museum, looking at the 5 displays with the notes provided. (Length of tour is approx 2 hours)


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