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As you all know by now, my name is Medwyn and I am an historical mole detective. Some moles dig for worms, I dig through time solving crimes as I go, using the computer in my goggles to help me.

As any decent time traveller knows, you can't just wander back into the past knowing nothing of the time you're going to. It is here, in Scolton Manor, that I gather a lot of my information. So if you're ever fortunate enough to get offered a job as a time travelling detective like me, then you'll know exactly what to do – start by visiting your local museum.

Here are some things I've found out about Scolton Manor.


Scolton Manor was built in 1842 for the Higgon family, who were quite rich and powerful in the area and were known as the ‘Higgons of Scolton.’ It cost almost £3,000 to build, which is about 3 million pounds today!


The family lived in this manor house for 130 years until Colonel Higgon decided that it cost too much money to look after such a big building and put the house up for sale. The house and grounds were sold to Pembrokeshire County Council and the Welsh Church Fund in 1972.


During the Second World War, Scolton Manor was used as a hospital for soldiers, sailors and airmen and Mrs Higgon was appointed Commandant, which is the boss of the hospital.


An American lady called Mrs Kelly gave the hospital an ambulance and because food was in short supply in Pembrokeshire during the War, she also sent many parcels full of lovely things for the patients to eat. As a thank you, Mrs Higgon arranged for a photo to be taken of all of the injured men and sent a copy to Mrs Kelly.




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