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Educational Visits

School visits to Scolton Manor are free.

All visits must be pre-booked, including any guided sessions required, and we aim to tailor each visit to meet the needs and ages of the children if informed in advance.

Enquiries and bookings:

Guided historical sessions include –

Available from May 2012

We also offer a day long visit around the museum, called 'Victorian Life at Scolton Manor.' This visit is an opportunity to experience what life was like for children and adults during Victorian times. You will have an opportunity to learn how the rich owners of Scolton Manor and their servants lived their lives. This includes a tour of the Manor House – Above and Below Stairs!

The full day visit finishes with a Detective Box Challenge where the children have an opportunity to solve a detective challenge for Medwyn the Mole Detective. Each box contains worksheets, handling artefacts and dressing-up clothes.

Click on the links below to download Medwyns’ Detective Challenges:-

Museum staff are available throughout the day to answer any questions.

It’s essential that you book beforehand for this visit.

Typical timetable for the day

10.00am Arrive at the Museum and leave coats and bags in the Empire Room.

10.15am Welcome from the museum curators in the Empire Room.

10.30am The children are divided into 3 groups. The teachers take a group each for a tour around Scolton Manor House with explanatory notes, which will be provided on the day. (These will also have been sent via e-mail in advance for reference only.) Group 1 starts upstairs, Group 2 in the cellar and Group 3 on the ground floor.

12.15pm Return for lunch in the Empire Room. (Children to bring sandwiches and drinks)

1.00pm Children are divided into a maximum of 5 groups to take on the Detective Challenge, which they will find in their Detective Challenge boxes. Boxes are given out – one to each group and the teachers briefly go through the instructions with the children. The groups take their boxes to their designated areas and start the Detective Challenge. They have 40 minutes.

The worksheets for Medwyn's Detective Challenges can be downloaded from the list above OR can be purchased for £1 per set (5 sets) from Scolton Manor itself on the day. Prior notice must be given if they are to be purchased.

1.50pm Plenary Session. Children by now have returned to the Empire Room to give their presentations of everything that they’ve discovered.

2.30pm Home

Please Note

If you wish to take part in the all-day 'Victorian life at Scolton Manor' visit’ (which includes the after lunch Detective Challenge) you will need 4 members of staff to help the children with the worksheets:-

Upstairs Detective Box
  • Victorian Children
Ground Floor Detective Boxes
  • The Master of the House
  • The Mistress of the House
Cellar Detective Boxes
  • The Laundry Maid
  • The Butler

For a map showing the location of these galleries within the museum, please go to the ‘Planning your Visit’ section on this website for Scolton Manor.

Your visit does not necessarily have to include the Detective Challenge in the afternoon. You can also opt for a morning or afternoon visit only of the Manor House, looking at the displays with the notes provided. (Length of House Tour is approx 2 hours)

Victorian House Tour

Children are able to learn about life for the Victorian gentry and their servants as they are guided around the Manor House. A subsequent visit to Penrhos Cottage would also allow the children to compare the lifestyles of different social classes during the Victorian era, although this would usually be conducted as a self-led tour.

Second World War Gallery Session

Children can participate in an interactive question and answer session in our Second World War gallery and it allows them to learn about the impact of the war on Britain and Pembrokeshire. Sessions last approximately 30 minutes and we aim to provide the children with some idea of what it was like to live in Britain during the Second World War.

Guided sessions are limited to a maximum of 25 children per group.

Due to its small size, only 15 children will be allowed into Penrhos Cottage at any one time. It is also important to mention that the narrow roads around Penrhos limit the size of transport that can be used to reach the cottage.

Tours last approximately 45 minutes and can be tailored to meet the age and interest of the group.

Self-led visits are also possible at Scolton Manor and aside from looking around the Manor House and Exhibition Hall we have activity, nature and maths trails that can be followed around the park and woodland.

The Manor House, Stable-block and Exhibition Hall can also be used independently by teachers for self-guided tours.

Self-led visits are unlimited in number, but only 25 children will be allowed in the museum buildings at any one time. Children must be accompanied by adults in the museum buildings at all times.

Various trails can be followed around the grounds. These include:-
  • Maths trail (suitable for KS1 or KS2)
  • Literacy trail (for KS1 only)
Activity trails
  • ‘Power Plant' - allows the children to study the variety of trees and the wildlife they support around Scolton
  • ‘Dragon's Run' - is a mini-beast inspired exercise trail with physical activity suggestions and play equipment for the children to enjoy along the way

A copy of the maths, literacy or activity trails can be sent to the teacher in preparation for their visit if so required.

Enquiries and bookings

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