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Borrowing Discovery Boxes

These contain several items which children may handle (unless otherwise stated). Their contents are restricted to items which are duplicates of items in the museums collection, safe to handle and small enough to keep in the pack...Read More

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition HallLocated within the walled garden, the Exhibition Hall contains a number of displays relating to the history of Pembrokeshire.

The 'Railways of Pembrokeshire' exhibit is found in the room to the left of the entrance hall. This contains a number of photographs, maps, adverts and items relating to the railways of the County, some of which have now been dismantled.

There are a number of exhibits showing various shops and trades that were once found in the County. The Gwalia Stores was a village shop located in Tufton and when it closed in the 1980's it was dismantled, transported to Scolton, rebuilt and it was re-opened to the public. Another old shop that is displayed is the Lewiphone shop, which was once a busy radio and electronics shop in Narberth.

The agricultural collection that is on display is one of the largest in the Country, containing over 50 items that were once used on the farms around Pembrokeshire.

Other displays found in the exhibition hall include the Goodwick Brick Works, Llewellin Churn Works, Cobblers, Pop factory and World War II.

Also found in the exhibition hall is the Science Zone. This is an exhibit which takes a more modern approach and explains some of the laws of science. It contains many fun and interesting games and items for visitors to experience.

The County Museum, which includes the manor house, stable block and exhibition hall, is open from Easter until the 31st October.

Museum opening times

  • 10.30am - 5.30pm

For further information, please phone 01437 731328.

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  • Exhibition HallExhibition HallLocated within the walled garden, the Exhibition Hall contains a number of displays relating to the history of Pembrokeshire...more
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