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The Collections Centre at Landore

The Collections Centre at LandoreThe Museum's Reserve Collection is housed on the former Hafod / Morfa Copper Works site in Landore in a building which dates back to about 1830. In the mid-nineteenth century this copper-smelting complex was the centre of world copper smelting activity. Little evidence remains of this industrial past however, save for the buildings on this site.

Some of the most popular items in the collection at Landore are the old vehicles like a traveller's van, lorries, a fire engine and also boats. There are even two lifeboats; the Naomi Beatty and the William Gammon.

The William Gammon was gifted to the museum in 1992. She was named in memory of the coxswain of the Mumbles lifeboat, who lost his life along with the other seven crew members on April 23rd, 1947 whilst attempting to rescue the crew of the Samtampa. The collection from the former Maritime & Industrial Museum in Swansea is also at the Landore site.

Swansea Museum Collections Centre opens to visitors every Wednesday, 10am to 4pm, providing more opportunities to see the reserve and maritime & industrial collections.

The Collections Centre can be found next to the Park and Ride car park, opposite the Liberty Stadium, on the Cross Valley Link Road, Landore, Swansea, SA1 2JT.

Please ring Swansea Museum on 01792 653763 to arrange a visit by your school group or community organisation.

Or for more information contact Barry Hughes on 01792 653763 or 01792 477180 or

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