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The Tramshed on Dylan Thomas Square, in the Marina,

The Tramshed on Dylan Thomas Square, in the Marina,Displayed here are memorabilia from the street trams of Swansea and the famous Mumbles tram that ran around the edge of the bay from Swansea town centre to Mumbles pier.

A double-decker tram is on display, the last example of a Swansea street tram. There is also a reconstruction of the horse-drawn Mumbles tram of 1804, the first passenger railway service in the world. The last surviving part of a Mumbles tram from the 1960s (when the service was closed down) is a front part in which visitors can climb to the top deck.

There are displays about the trams and trains of Swansea and a video running on the mezzanine floor.

The Tramway Centre is open on bank holidays and for special events, so for details of when the tramshed will be open please ring the museum on 01792 653763 or 01792 653763.

  • Admission is free
  • The ground floor is wheel chair accessible but the mezzanine and the trams are unfortunately not.

Or for more information contact Barry Hughes on 01792 653763 or 01792 477180 or

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